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Monday, March 8, 2010 l
bleh...sch nw nt bad bah...still ncc's pretty hrd..run a 3km track,
den do push ups and pumping 30 times...n yea my english starts to sux real bad...
o btw..our sch the 'feng shui' damn good sia...already gt 2 couples liao:))(nt me)
sht...hope i dun die after postin this:)))still wonderin if im gonna hav a tagboard anot...may b a bit bored bah...if u noe wad i mean...n yea..major problems are startin to cropped up...onli a few noe wad it is...dang..wish my fate would change...
overall...my science didnt do too badly..nor my literature or maths..or geography...but
i a gonna for chinese...failed da first test!!!think thts all le bah...bb

I don't care and I'm not okay
12:04 AM
Sunday, April 19, 2009 l
finally created tagboard!!!all want 2 b link,tag here

I don't care and I'm not okay
7:44 AM
YAY!!!Finally learnt about blogskins...whew.Still dont know how to make tagboard through...must ask ah loy or...nvm i will find out somehow

I don't care and I'm not okay
7:23 AM
Saturday, April 18, 2009 l
hi just created blog...

I don't care and I'm not okay
12:28 PM
wow!!!cant believe we won zhi zhong's match...(its became worldwide)bit rough i admit...some of the ppl did fouls and den zhi zhong came down with a sprain from kenneth foot...though i didnt see it.den alvin hit ah loy's lips and he bcame bloody=)not that much.Anyway...didnt do much except getting the ball and scoring...zzz...so we became first now...hope nxt match wth da cyclones will b easy...(20% chance)=( Btw i didnt really lyk this match and if u asked me...i will say that both teams did play nasty.Me? O well i did save a lot of balls from goin out...and the results is getting a lot of cuts...long time nvr blog this is da longest post i blog...whew

g2g...more lyk brb coz i not goin anywhere...juz out of my blog...tag to get link...and paste ur links there so i can read

I don't care and I'm not okay
11:48 AM
Sunday, April 12, 2009 l
Omg...!Darren reached 700+ billion!!! in real estate tycoon!!!lol and im onli 30 billion....Darren trained lyk siao man...wished to overtake him-_- anyway playing runescape most of the time and travian soz not much time to train real estate tycoon.zzz look wad time i wrote this...zzz

I don't care and I'm not okay
11:14 AM
Monday, March 30, 2009 l hard days...(not really)
lol got english oral on friday...must study hard...mustnt fail lol...o yah almost tio hack or i forgot my password still...no hard feelings...and dont ask me who...and dont ask me why...dont ask me anything at all...im happy the way things are now...THE END(lol)

I don't care and I'm not okay
5:27 AM
Sunday, March 15, 2009 l
wow 2 day is me birthday!!!lemme sing a song
Happy birthday 2 u..happy birthday 2 u...happy birthday....zzzz..bored
nvm well thats all

I don't care and I'm not okay
5:20 AM
Tuesday, March 10, 2009 l
finally!!!thanks to celine my skin is being made.Lazy aloy...didnt want 2 help now for my tagbox.TAG me plzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't care and I'm not okay
5:51 AM
Monday, March 2, 2009 l
YAAAAY!! in just 13 days its my bdae!lolz so sianz..only exciting that is goin to happen so far..bye..zzz

I don't care and I'm not okay
2:07 AM